Awoke with a slight smile gleaming from the narrows of her dreamy deiglo tinted eye slits.

She’s been basking in the early morning sun stream that skilfully prickled her diamond clad coat. Stretching her neck as long as it would go she rolled over, allowing the coppery pink of her underside to warm in the early morning light majick. 22 colours swirled through the subtle helix of her electro-magnetic core, firing the silvers of her inner sun.
The Way of Water
She dropped her bejewelled head to the soft grass of earth and her needle sharp antennae pierced the ground without sound. Thus earthed she summonsed the full field of suns brilliant thought forms.

Shades of gold rain bowed into her crystalline mind; pink gold, green gold, black gold and sun silvered gold. The fusion of such colours harmonised to form a note so pure that the sound vanished completely. This left an empty space; a static – a place from which brand new pieces of creation are born. A different shade of nascent gold began sounding; slightly reminiscent of sunbirds and the sipping suck of starlight. It sang of water spirits and sanguine sapphires. The rhythm of its wavelength counterpointed the golds that had vanished.

A subtle repatterning on the shapes in dragonfly wings shivered imperceptibly into place.

The dew sparkled differently and the dreams of fish tinselled slightly.
Bird calls changed pitch a nano fraction. So did the sound of all bubbles popping. Everything was slightly changed forever. The world sung its new note ecstatically to the attentive black beyond the perfect curve of her blue edge.

Slid her two crystalline horns from earths warm hold and lazily rolled over supercharged.

Her lavishly encrusted skin cells sparkled excitedly with their new hue. She stood up and shook off the water droplets recently squeezed between perfect the spirals of her geometric outer. They dashed upward, found themselves suspended in the place of between up and down momentarily and froze solid. Flawless rounds of gold tinged quartz then clattered down to lie gleefully gleaming amongst the sharp blades of bright green glass below.
Merging with the blues above at great and seamless speed,

She then spent timeless hours drifting through the newness of the great day born. Emerald green heals the heart and links us to the realms of the divas and angels that rule the elemental world.

Sapphire Blue is the 13 the colour of the Divine Human Being in UNITY.

Deiglo colours speak of silvered sun sparkles that heighten awareness and activate wakefulness. Gold allows us the power to BE.

Black seen in the centre eyes of peacock feathers remind us of the depth of our cosmic selves.

Crystallia The Elemental Alchemist
A Crystalline Elemental Dragon of Alchemy;

Its skin is encrusted with rough cut stones; small, round and multi facetted, spiralling in circular patterns of all the shades of blues, greens, silvers and golds we saw in the Bahamas; from milky turquoise to dark sapphire cobalt, from aquamarine green to deep jade. These stones sparkle and shift in intensity according to the environment she’s in; be it water, snow, rain, lightening, bright white morning light or velvety darkness. A palette of iridescent living radiance that burns differently with each tiny movement of anything – such is the coat of the elusive dragon ….

Crystallia to the Cosmos
I’m standing on the deck of my home in the ancient forest of the ‘Tzitzikamma’; which means ‘whispering’ to the Koi San people of Southern Africa. A river of stars pierce the black velvet night sky. I feel the presence of my crystalline friend, the dragon at my side. Its difficult to see but for a faint iridescent glint that reflect from a multi- faceted skin from the great stellar stream above. I slide myself up onto the narrow wither and my energy immediately merges with its. I’m suddenly one with this pure quartz light energy being. A shiver of weightlessness slides into my soul and I feel charged with ions, as if a great lightning bolt had ventured through my innards. Without even detecting take off, we’re arrowing over snow-capped peaks of the giant Formosa Mountain that rules the vicinity.
A Love Story
An immense hydrogen cloud emerged from the central sun and ploughed through space at incredible speed to conquer the nothingness that once was everything.

It met earth at the edge of the universe;fiercely burning in her fiery solitude.

It circled a few times, drawn by the warmth and coppery hues of great flames that sprawled and surrendered to the insatiable blackness.

Soon, (in terms of cosmic time) the two bodies merged in deep and long embrace of silvered smouldering which slowly sizzled out. A blue pearl of watery turquoise appeared and forever turning was left hanging in then in-finite and eternal dark.

A most unusual Journey.
‘I have a drop of water
iridescent and insistent
in and around my being,
radiating luminescent colours of life … ‘

Ten years ago in 2007, in view of soon turning 50, I took a sabbatical to explore the “niggle’ of my own creative concept. It opened up my life in a vast and extra ordinary way, that demanded about 12 mediums in which to express itself and often overwhelmed me completely.

Crystalline describes an organising field that emanates from the great heart of our central sun.
A sun like no other yet in fact it directs all others. It is a bright void of pure omniscient potential. It has no frequency yet it the source from which all frequency is remembered. It is in fact the glorious attention of this great heart that all of nature loves to align and bask in. Yet there is no wave length. There is only a severe shine of super serene presence. A silent colourless field that BE or IS beyond time and space. It emits a powerful and delicious nothingness of everything; Shiva essence to command quintessence and brilliance of being. The whole of nature dances to this Crystalline field of ecstatic ISness.

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