The Movie

The Movie Celebrates The Very Essence That We Are..

It will ignite a deep knowing of ourselves in relation to creation without one word telling you what to think. The Way of Water will reveal how water is experienced by ants, by us, by storms, the oceans, the ice caps, by super novae and by infinity. The same water has been on earth since before life began. It continuously refreshes and renews it’s life force to sustain and reinvent life in everything it manages to squeeze itself through.

Filmed by Michele Bestbier.
Music by Wendy Oldfield.

The Liquid Language of Light

Water’s incredible intelligence has a language that is magical, transformative and creative.

The movie is essentially a love story across time, about the quintessence of life itself and will allow water to speak through the multi-dimensional liquid language of light to tell its story, directly sharing water’s mastery of Transformation.

Those watching the movie will experience a greater understanding of self as well as be able to directly experience the vast omniscient dreamscape of the expression of water.

So that we may SEE and thus BE

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