About Michele

Michele has been focused on igniting spirit via creativity for the past 40 years; that meditates intentionally on The ART of Transformation.

After putting herself through art school, Michele worked as a musician, actor, film-maker and fine-art facilitator. Her main interest however has always been the workings of the human mind, body and soul. Trained in 16 modalities of meditation, including transcendental meditation and as a teacher of ‘Primordial Sound Meditation’ by Deepak Chopra – she widened her knowledge further through Sacred Geometry, Vedic knowledge, Anthroposophy, The Flower of Life, Ancient civilizations, Growing food & study of sustainable, regenerative communal living. Water, the elixir of life, constantly guides & informs her life purpose.

Focused on Transformation and Regeneration, Michele has recently spent 15 years developing a method by which to access our META physical (GREATER than physical) so that we may know our full expression of self.

We are Liquid Crystalline Light Potential


We are OMNISCIENT (potentially everything). As is WATER. As is LIGHT.

The catalyst to Michele’s deep relationship with water and uncovering its alchemical mysteries was a sabbatical she took to film whales and dolphins. Despite extra ordinary occurrences with the cetaceans it was WATER that revealed deep and essential secrets of the sublime super intelligence we occupy

The Essential That Informs Direct Knowing.

Re Ignite Your Creative Essential