Michele offers a way that supersedes the mind & intellect to know your knowingness.

DIVINITY IS NOT ACCESSED THROUGH MIND – it is accessed by conscious creative action.

‘The imagination is more important than knowledge.’ Einstein

Reset your life expression to OPTIMUM.

The full course runs over 12 weeks, split into 6 modules of 2 weeks each. Fully immersive or 2-8 hours a day – You choose.

Workshops start on the first Sunday of each month. R550 per week.

You will experience an intensive guided encounter with your greater self, through 12 different art mediums and varied meditation techniques …
THE WAY OF WATER activates a deeper knowing of our META selves.

Meta = greater; metaphysical refers to our greater than physical existence – which comprises more than 99% of our make up. The Workshops activate vital aspects of our multi dimensional, subtle and elemental selves, so that we might consciously know and live a full spectrum of unique life expression.

Alchemy through Creative Spirit.

It is essential that we know HOW to navigate the ever widening horizons of our multi dimensional world and being.

Buddha said that all suffering is ignorance yet mostly we live in ignorance of our greater selves. Let us explore, journey and practice brand new and refreshed methods of BEING and knowing so that we may inspire wisdom in the world.

We live in the most extra ordinary creation and have access to anything we can dream of … IF YOU KNOW HOW.

The Way of Water delves into HOW, by means of creative adventure into the super intelligence of our natural world to enhance our faculty of perception so that we may KNOW by experience. We integrate observation by developing practices of living through the heart, translated by the intellect, toward CONSCIOUS CREATIVE ACTION.

Re Adventure The 3 Bodies We Occupy;
Our own Physical,
Earth and
Our greater
(Meta) Physical.
The workshops consist of 6 modules of 2 weeks each. Each day requires 2-8 hours of creative input; dissolving barriers, optimizing life expression and recovering artistic impulse.
An Alchemical Forging of Spirit

We are Water;
Light Incarnate.


COST: R550 per week.
R1100 for the module